Ethno-jazz project inspired by the Crimean Tatar folk melodies and songs

Saturday / 04.30.2016 / 8.00 pm
LVIV CLUB UNDER KPEPSYDRA / Club Proza, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wroclaw
Admission is free

Usein Bekirov – keys
Laura Marti – vocals
Andrey Vorobyov – bass
Maksym Kondratenko – drums
Eugene Uvarov – guitar

The current quite uncivilised situation with the Crimean Tatar people in their Russia illegally annexed homeland, has forced the musicians to support and promote Crimean Tatar unique culture. The main initiator of the project is Usein Bekirov.

Usein Bekirov is recognised to be one of the most famous Crimean jazz musicians and one of the best keyboardists of Ukraine. Involved in funk, fusion, ethno and jazz music. His compositions are based on Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Balkan folklore. Bekirov is a graduate of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after Tchaikovsky. He is an initiator of a number of original jazz projects: the Free nationale Band, the Etnovation, the Bekirov Band, Usein Bekirov Trio, etc.

Laura Marti is a Ukrainian jazz singer, composer, lyricist, and teacher. She is a singer who writes and communicates with her audience through music in six different languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Portuguese, Armenian, and French. Her unique voice timbre, dynamic energy and always sincere heartfelt performance will never leave the listener indifferent. Laura Marti has participated in numerous jazz festivals, such as Alfa Jazz Fest, Jazz-Bez (Poland-Ukraine), Za-Jazz Fest, Jazz Koktebel, Art-Jazz Cooperation, Che-Jazz Open, Mek Azg, Mek Mshakujt (Armenia) and so on.

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