Andrukhovych Juri (photo Oleh Kohan)

YURI ANDRUKHOVYCH. Albert, or the highest form of execution

Within the Lviv Month event in Wroclaw: meeting with Yuri Andrukhovych, one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian writers. Moderator: Anna Ursulenko.

Saturday / 2.04.2016 /6.00 pm

LVIV CLUB UNDER KPEPSYDRA / Club Poczytanka, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wroclaw

Enter is free

Yuri Andrukhovych (born in 1960) is a Ukrainian novelist, poet, essayist and translator. He is in the top 5 list of the world known Ukrainian writers, and his books are translated and published in Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania.

His latest one is Fantomas Has Been Burried Here (2015). Yuri Andrukhovych is a laureate and winner of many prestigious international literary awards, including the Herder Preis (Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, Hamburg, 2001), Erich-Maria Remarque Friedens preis (Osnabrück, 2005), Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung (2006), Central-European Literary Award Angelus (Wroclaw, 2006), Hannah-Arendt-Preis für politisches Denken (Bremen, 2014). Since 2006 he has been collaborating with the Karbido Polish band, and their co- has resulted in four albums, i.e. Samogon/Moonshine, Cinnamon, Absinthe and Atlas Estremo.

Andrukhovych's works were filmed and staged in different theaters of Ukraine. Lives and works in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

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