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The show and workshop World Musical Instruments is a musical journey across continents.

Show and workshop on making music instrument /age 7-16
Sunday / 04.10.2016
10:00 – children, 7-10 years old
12:00 – children and teenagers,  10-13 years old
14:00 – teenagers  and young people,  14-16 years old
Admission is free
. Registration is obligatory via lviv@wroclaw2016.pl

Participants will become familiar with musical instruments from different regions and cultures; the practical part of the workshop will give an opportunity to play them, and to play songs to be performed at the concert. An additional entertainment will be making a musical instrument – surprise, participants can take them home to exercise their skills.
Each of three workshops involves 15 people.

Run by Tomáš DROZDEK.

T.ETNO (Tomáš Drozdek) – musician, composer, percussionist, ethno multi – instrumentalist, collector of rare instruments from different countries of the world (at the moment his collection includes about 300 music instruments). His solo music projects present the combination of unusual ethnic instruments, electronic music and looping.

‘T.ETNO – it’s a result of the search for unusual, atypical sound.  Started some time ago "collecting of sounds" has resulted in a rich collection of ethnic musical instruments, especially those that could be classified as "strange" ones. Getting a new musical discovery, I try to extract from them sounds; often some of them are quite different from those that a master of an instrument supposed they should be [at least I think so]. These sounds need a little of assistance, i.e. a drop of electronic music and looping technique’, comments Tomasz Drozdek.


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