Born and raised in Chernobyl, Ukrainian artist Fedor tries to research the real causes of the Chernobyl disasterand reveals the secret of the Russian woodpecker (a huge over-the-horizon radioantenna). His suppositions very much seem to be true.

Sunday / 24.04.2016 / 20:00

New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego St

Admission is free

Ukraine / USA, 2015, 82 min.
Language: Ukrainian / Russian
Director: Chad Gracia
Screenplay: Chad Gracia
Dir. photography: Artem Ryzhykov
Starring: Fedor Alexandrovich
Producers: Mike Lerner, Ram Devineni, Chad Gracia, Marina Orekhova
Production: Gracia Films, Roast Beef Productions, Rattapallax
Awards: SUNDANCE Film Festival 2015 (Grand Prix)

Russian woodpecker or Duga radar or even the Moscow Eye is a Soviet radar system located near Chernobyl. Its destination is still a mystery to the world. But Fedor Aleksandrovich, an eccentric artist, supposes the radar system to be a key, unlocking the real causes of the disaster in April 1986. Thirty years after the Chernobyl disaster, Fedor returns to his native city and investigates the unknown facts concerning the explosion at the nuclear power plant, due to which he and fifty thousand other people were forced to leave their homes. Old footage and interviews with citizens are intertwined with his avant-garde, creative and absurd vision of the Cold War and the reactor’s number 4 explosion. When his further researches become dangerous, Fedor has to make a choice:to tellthe world the truth orto protect himself and hisfamily.

Chad Gracia, American playwright, screenwriter and director. Since his 20, has been working as a theatre producer and playwright in New York. Chad’s works are staged in the U.S. and Europe.The Russian Woodpecker is his directorial debut feature, it has received many awards, including the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival .

2015 The Russian Woodpecker

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