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The seven-year boy has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Both, the police and most relatives are indifferent. It forces the boy’s elder sister Olga to seek for justice alone. She is ready to punish the one, who has kidnapped her brother in a green jacket.

Thursday / 07.04.2016 / 20:00

New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21KazimierzaWielkiego St

Admission is free

Ukraine, 2013, 100 min
Directed by VolodymyrTykhyy
Screenplay by VolodymyrTykhyy
Cast: Oleksandra Petko, Yuriy Odynokyy, Lesia Kalynska, Borys Gavrylenko
Producers: Denys Ivanov, Igor Savychenko, Volodymyr Tykhyy
Production by Arthouse Traffic

The Green Jacket is the second feature film by Volodymyr Tykhyy, the well-known film director, screenwriter and producer, one of the leading Ukrainian filmmakers of his generation. He’s the initiator of the # BABYLON`13 documentary project about the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity.
The psychological thriller tells a modern urban story about a teenage girl who seeks for justice –she tries to find and punish the kidnapper of her little brother. The leading roles were performed by non-professional actors Oleksandra Petko and Borys Gavrylenko. Ukrainian stage and film directors Yuriy Odynokyy, Lesia Kalynska and Taras Tkachenko also starred in the movie.

The snippets of the movie were presented in the section "Work in Progress" at the Warsaw International Film Festival, within the Ukrainian national pavilion in Cannes and at the 4th Odessa International Film Festival

Volodymyr Tykhyy, a well-known Ukrainian documentary and feature film director, producer, screenwriter. Graduated from the National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television. His career was started in the 90's, and his short films have won many awards at national and international film festivals. Worked at different private and state TV companies. His feature film debut is the Car Washer (2001). Participant and prize-winner of national and international film festivals in Romania, Germany, Slovak Republic. Currently, involved in #BABYLON`13, the mighty documentary project, dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity. Member of theUkrainian Television Academy.

Filmography (selected):
1996: Mermaid
2001: Car Washer
2003: A Merry Company
2007: My Little Daughter
2008: A Mysterious Island
2008: A Button
2009: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Shit!
2009: « F***ers. Arabesques»: In memory of Piter
2009: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Early morning
2010: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Sveta
2010: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Intro
2010: Ukraine. Goodbye!
2013: The Green Jacket.
2013: Babylon’13
2015: Our Nadia

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