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A little girl, whose daddy calls her a boy's name, Mykola, tells stories that happened in her village in Western Ukraine. Undoubtedly, comic situations with her fellow-villagers will delight the audience.

Sunday / 17.04.2016 / 20:00

New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego St

Admission is free

Ukraine, 2015, 99 min.

Director: Ivan Kravchyshyn

Screenplay: Ivan Kravchyshyn

Dir. photography: Yuriy Muravyov, Oleksandr Hrebennikov

Editor: Yuriy Muravyov

Music: Roman Dudchyk, Lyubko Mariyash

Cast: Serhiy Velykyi, Sofiya Kravchyshyn, Taras Bobelyak, Oleh Tsyona, Natalia Oleksiv, Volodymyr Protsyuk,

Producer: Ivan Kravchyshyn

Production: Trembita-Kino, Ukrainian State Film Agency

Awards: International Film Festival in Odessa 2015

A little girl with a boy’s name Mykola (she likes to watch movies in the sky) three times and differently tells the same story about a bull in her village, that was ready to become a reason for the World War III. Her grandpa’s teaching words, full of wisdom, are very important for Mykola. She knows that it's not good to lie; people should be good; and a human life is like the flight of a golden fly over the fire – similarly bright and similarly short. This naive child's world cheers up and causes to smile. The film script is based on the story book by Lviv writer Bohdan Voloshyn, and it consists of three events in the life of a village: the football match, the Galician wedding and the funeral. The presented in film West Ukrainian landscapes, traditions, rituals could become an interesting tourist guide and an important issue for anthropological, sociological or folklore researches.

Ivan Kravchyshyn, Ukrainian film director, screen writer and producer. Graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television. Author of about 70 documentary TV films on social issues and three feature films. He is a laureate of the Teletriumph award as the best film director of 2004. His documentary In Search of an Ark has won at the Beirut Film Festival (Grand Prix)

Filmography (selected):

2014 The Flight of the Golden Fly

2010 In Search of an Ark

2007 Stop Revolution!



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