The 10th Jubilee Concert: ANDRUKHOVYCH & KARBIDO

Dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the first joint album’s edition.

Friday / 08.04.2016 / 20.00
LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wrocław
Enter is free

Yuri Andrukhovych – vocals
Paweł Czepułkowski – percussion
Igor Gawlikowski – guitar
Marek Otwinowski – bass guitar
Tomasz Sikora – saxophone, electronics
+ invited guests
Video art: VJ Group Cube

The event is the result of a decade-collaboration between Karbido band (PL) and Yuri Andrukhovych (UA), and their co- has resulted in four albums, i.e. Samogon/Moonshine – Cinnamon – Absinthe trilogy and the Atlas Estremo.

The Samogon/Moonshine album is a combination of rock & jazz dynamics with the Andrukhovych’s texts about Ukraine in the Orange Revolution period. The Cinnamon album is inspired by Bruno Schulz, his works and the multicultural myth of Galicia Austro-Hungarian Empire. The concert version is accompanied by multimedia support. The Absinthe album represents a bold combination of poetry, prose, music, film and visual art. The concert premiere in Kyiv was recognized to be the artistic event of the year. The album touches the problem of presence (or rather absence) of Ukraine in Europe. The multifaceted Atlas Estremo – is the author's journey around the world of memories, passions and disappointments.

dpx_7398-rThe presented in Wroclaw within the Lviv Month ANDRUKHOVYCH & KARBIDO concert will be joined by many Polish and Ukrainian musicians. Next performances are planned to be held in Odessa and Kyiv.

Karbido band was created in 2003 by the musicians associated with such bands as CEZ, Kormorans, and Formacya Bochianni. In 2004 the first CD 'Karbido' was released by alternative Hermetyczny Garaż record company. Karbido means free choice, typical for avant-garde artists, with inclination to and experience in music, theatre and art. Their The Table extraordinary musical spectacle with four instrumentalists playing a table using sticks, bows, knives, hands and a mixing desk was performed more than 300 times all around the world, including Europe, Brazil, the US, Israel, Iran, Hong Kong, Australia. Winners of numerous international awards.

Yuri Andrukhovych (born in 1960) is a Ukrainian novelist, poet, essayist and translator. He is in the top 5 list of the world known Ukrainian writers, and his books are translated and published in Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania. His latest one is Fantomas Has Been Burried Here (2015). Yuri Andrukhovych is a laureate and winner of many prestigious international literary awards, including the Herder Preis (Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, Hamburg, 2001), Erich-Maria Remarque Friedenspreis (Osnabrück, 2005), Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung (2006), Central-European Literary Award Angelus (Wroclaw, 2006), Hannah-Arendt-Preis für politisches Denken (Bremen, 2014 ). Since 2006 he has been collaborating with the Karbido Polish band, and their co- has resulted in four albums, i.e. Samogon/ Moonshine, Cinnamon, Absinthe and Atlas Estremo. Andrukhovych's works were filmed and staged in different theaters of Ukraine. Lives and works in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

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