SUMMA (photo Sahsha Naselenko)

SUMMA: Izdryk + Nesterovych

Presentation of the SUMMA multimedia project by Juri Izdryk and Evgeniya Nesterovych. The project relates to an autobiographical text and correlation between documentary sources and fiction component within it. Moderator Marcin Gaczkowski.

Saturday / 16.04.2016 / 6.00 pm

LVIV CLUB UNDER KPEPSYDRA / Club Poczytanka, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wroclaw

Admission is free

Juri Izdryk (born in 1962) is a well-known Ukrainian novelist, poet, artist, musician, culture critic. Author of nine prose and four poetry books. His works are translated into Polish, English, Russian, German. Winner of the BBC Book of the Year 2009. Founder and chief in editor of the Chetver/Thursday conceptual art & literature magazine. Co-founder and frontman of the DRUMTYATR project. Lives in Kalush, Ukraine.

Evgeniya Nesterovych (born in 1988), culture manager and critic, journalist, editor of the art page on (since 2013). Program director of the Dialogue Art Council (Lviv, Ukraine). Writes for the the Ukrainska Pravda,, Korydor webzines.

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