Workshop on painting icons on board / age from 8 years old

Sunday, 24.04.2016 / 14.00, 16.00 / Registration is obligatory via lviv@wroclaw2016.pl

In his works Roman Zilinko appeals to Hutsul and Bukovyna folk iconography, featured by rich colours and laconicism.

11049122_10153230612019493_1525234244635113225_oThe crown of Ukrainian folk culture is an icon, with its blooming crosses, smiling martyrs, and all the saints, flowered with roses, suns, bright colours. A simple man with his naive and emotional belief in God had been creating for centuries vivid images on folk engravings and icons on boards, canvases, glass... So, Roman Zilinko will show how to paint icons on a board: how it was done in ancient times, and how it is done by contemporary masters.

Zilinko Roman graduated from the Lviv Theological Academy (Ukrainian Catholic University) and doctoral studies at the Catholic University in Lublin (Institute of Art History). Since September 2006 works at the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv.


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