The 20-year based collection of the most interesting Ukrainian short films, receiving critical acclaim as well as the audience's compliments at major international film festivals.

Friday / 15.04.2016 / 20:00

New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego St

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The Tram № 9 Goes
Ukraine, 2002, 09 min.
Director: Stepan Koval
Screenplay: Stepan Koval
Dir. photography: Aleksandr Nikolaenko
Music: Igor Zhuk
Production: Anima Ukraina
Awards: Winner of many film awards, including the Berlinale 2003 (Silver Bear), the Stuttgart Festival prize, the Grand Prix of Russian cinematographers

The plasticine cartoon grotesquely reflects everyday life and its problems via depiction of the overcrowded tram №9. The patchwork blanket of passengers includes a pickpocket, a killer, a World War II veteran and a small hellion. The language the passengers are communicating (mixed sociolects of Ukrainian and Russian) comically contributes to the ironical charm of the animation film.
Stepan Koval (born in1965), Ukrainian filmmaker, artist and animator. Graduated from the Kyiv Academy of Arts (Architecture Department ) and the Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University (Animation Department). Since 2006 – chief director of the Novator film studio.

Against the Sun
Ukraine, 2002, 20 min.
Director: Valentyn Vasyanovych
Screenplay: Valentyn Vasyanovych, Ivan Sautkin
Dir. photography: Ivan Sautkin
Awards: International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand (Jury Prize); International Festival of Short Films in Nancy (Grand Prix); Toronto International Film Festival (Jury Prize)

The film tells the story of a potter named Tymofiy. He tries to do something to meet his dreams. He’s afraid of the gray and sad daily routine around him, as well as of his miserable life with always irritated and searching for conflicts wife. One day Tymofiy leaves home and builds his own ‘marina’ on a desert island. He is in a creation process, he is modeling a clay sculpture of an ideal woman. Time is passing, and Timothy thinks of return...
Valentyn Vasyanovych, born in 1971.Ukrainian filmmaker and scriptwriter. Graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television (director of photography) and, later on, as documentary director. Studied at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in Poland. Then he directed a number of documentary shorts that were awarded at various international film festivals. In 2012 directed his debut feature film BUSINESS AS USUAL. His mid-length documentary CREPUSCULE (2013) was titled the Best Ukrainian Film at Odessa IFF. The comedy drama CREDENZA (2013) has won the FIPRESCI award. Filmography (selected): Crepuscule – 2013; Credenza – 2013; Business as Usual – 2012; Lullaby for the Flute and the Drum – 2008; Line – 2006; Against the Sun – 2004; Old People – 2001; Keepsake – 1998

Ukraine, 2005, 10 min.
Director: Igor Strembitsky
Screenplay: Natalia Kononchuk Igor Strembitsky, Artem Vasyliev
Award: Cannes Film Festival 2005 (Palme D'Or)

Oh lulla-lullaby, How I want to sleep, So I`ll put my head, On the white bed, Maybe I will fall asleep... The film is on childhood that never returns, on dreams that can`t come true and on madness as a kind of happiness or grief. The drama takes place in the Veteran House for elderly actors, it is similar to a psychiatric hospital. And terrible.
Igor Strembitsky, born in 1973.Ukrainian filmmaker, cameraman and soundman.The first Ukrainian filmmaker who has won the Palme d'Or at Cannes. Studied at the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television.Member of the Talent Campus Berlinale 2005. Famous for his two shorts: Wayfarers (2005) and German Lesson (2006).

Ukraine 2010, 11 min.
Director: Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi
Screenplay: Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi
Cameraman: Dmytro Sannikov
Producer: Denys Ivanov
Award: 60th Berlin International Film Festival, Golden Bear nomination

The film is taken in one day with the budget less than 400 euros. It’s a 10-minute episode from the life of deaf-and-dumb boarding school. One of deaf teenagers is dragged by force into a car of the police officer. The short became an impetus for The Tribe full-length feature debut by Slaboshpytskyi.

Nuclear Waste
Ukraine 2012, 29 min.
Director: Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi
Screenplay: Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi
Cameramen: Dmytro Sannikov, Pavlo Levchuk
Awards: Locarno International Film Festival (Golden Leopard); Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (Best Short Film); Split Film Festival (Grand Prix).

Deprived of emotions and feelings, robot-like routine of the workers engaged in the disposal of nuclear waste. He – a driver of the truck, she – a laundry worker. Their life is shown without words, only by means of long scenes, and wide, symmetrically arranged shots.
Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi, the most famous Ukrainian filmmaker of the younger generation. Born in 1974. Graduated from the National University of Theater, Film, and TV in Kyiv (film and television directing). He has worked as a reporter for criminal chronicles, has written scripts for films and television. Since 2000 he has been a Member of the Ukrainian Association of Cinematographers. He was Vice-president of the Association of Young Filmmakers of Ukraine. Because of the conflict with the State Service of Cinematography, Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi left to St. Petersburg, where he worked as a script writer for numerous projects. Back to Ukraine, he debuted with The Incident shot film. The Tribe feature film starts a new stage in his career. For the first time in the 53-year history of The International Critics' Week his film has won three of the four awards, including the Grand Prix.

Ukraine, France 2011, 15 min.
Director: Maryna Vroda
Screenplay: Maryna Vroda
Cameraman: Volodymyr Ivanov
Awards: Cannes Film Festival (Palme d'Or)

The short is a reminiscence of the filmmaker on physical training classes, when she had to run around with other children in the woods and off-roads. The film is an allegorical and metaphysical allusion to the question: where do we run?
Maryna Vroda, born in 1982.Graduated from the Karpenko-Kary National Theater, Cinema and Television University of Kyiv. She worked as an assistant director for Serhiy Loznytsia on his film My Joy submitted to Cannes in 2010. She is the script writer and director of the films Family Portrait (2006-09), The Oath (2007), Rain (2007), and Cross (2011).

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