Workshop on traditional Galician vytynanka / art form of paper cutting / age 8-14

Monday, 25.04.2016 / 14.00, 15.00, 17.00 / Admission is free. / Registration is obligatory via lviv@wroclaw2016.pl

Historical evidence suggests that vytynankas began to be made in Ukraine at the end of the fifteenth to early sixteenth century, but it took time before they became an integral part of the decorative art. During the nineteenth century (especially since thelate19th), when paper became usual material, decorative paper cut outs were spread all across the Ukrainian countryside, and vytynankas were stably «settled» in Ukrainian homes.

Vytynanka was an integral part ofthe unique interior inherent to Ukrainian peasant's houses .They were pasted on the walls, under the ceiling, around the windows… Vytynankas that were made for the occasions of religious feasts and holidays were more decorative than the ones used for everyday decoration. Christmas and Easter called for vytynankas in the shapes of angels, churches or even whole evangelical scenes to be pasted prominently on the walls. Vytynanka was considered to be a talisman, it was pasted nearby a children hanging cradle.

12894532_1052163168173426_2060760384_oThis form of art is especially useful lessons for kids, as it develops fine motor skills, spatial thinking and artistic taste.

Adults will have an opportunity to plunge mentally into ancient times and to feel themselves like the hosts who bring to their houses the beauty and comfort.

The workshops will be resulted in the own-made vytynanka, pasted on paper and in a frame – a real traditional decoration for your house!

The workshops will be run by Maryana Kvyatkovska. Graduate of the Lviv Academy of Arts. Currently works at the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum (Lviv)



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