The AtmAsfera name of the band is perceived by the earas the word ‘atmosphere’. Though, the true meaning is somewhat different. But the AtmAsfera concert in Wroclaw really created the ‘atmosphere’ as a concept. That is the main principle of two sisters and three brave guys, composing their own musical planet. And it was extremely well suited to the last concert within the Lviv Month in Wroclaw event, and especially to Easter mood.


Boroda in English means ‘beard’, namely a growth of hair on the chin.
But! In Wroclaw, when you heard, ‘You were sought by someone with beard’, it didn’t obligatory mean that you were looked for by a bearded person. In most cases it meant that you were hunted by achief ‘desperado’ of the Lviv Month – BORODA. The main superpower of that figure is wisdom and simultaneous speed in making decisions. When Boroda is satisfied, he cites the immortal quote by the renowned Ukrainian contemporary classic Les Podervianskyi, which sounds as ‘halva yaxshi’ / luxurious halva.


Within Poland, just the city of Wroclaw is their general residence. On the 1st of May, 7356 musicians participated in the Guitar Guinness World Record event. Filling up the Lviv Street, guitarists looked very inherently there, and the atmosphere resembled the one, usually present in the courtyard of the Lviv City Hall while the Flugery Lvova Ethno Jazz Festival. On the other side of the Market Square the audience danced to the accompaniment of the beautiful concert by the patriarchs of Lviv jazz – the Dzyga Jazz Quintet.

Jazz.  The last week of the Lviv Month in Wroclaw was permeated with jazz music, as the city hosted one more major event, the Jazz nad Odra Festival. The LM last week witnessed hundreds of jazz fans, musicians and thousands listeners, and that fact positively indicates the tastes of Poles. It turned out that jazz is not only music, but also a philosophy of life for this city. Even the photographers (numerous in Wroclaw that week), like jazz to such extend, that listen to it not only at work;their own players are ‘filled’ with jazz.

Saint Kontrola / Saint Control

It’s an essential attribute of Poles’ life. Without Kontrola nothing can happen. It applies to all areas and all actions of the inhabitants of Poland, including Wroclaw citisens. ‘Object Under Surveillance Round The Clock’ – such signboards can be find in most places and on the streets. There are also people, who are under permanent surveillance. Kontrola also concerns relationships, financial literacy, smoking and not smoking, and even art. Not to take off T-shirts in bars, no smoking in rooms, not to visit WC in groups on the border, and the most important thing – not to forget that you are hunted by the saint Kontrola. The saint’s retinue includes two small angels, i.e. Invoice and Receipt.


Padre of the Lviv Month in Wroclaw. His powerful figure at once sanctifies any get-together, meeting or long journey to a nearby place. Topiy is a christian, light and always pleasant. He knows hundreds of anecdotes, wisdoms and songs. He can talk for hours, until diving into a long silence, the magical world of music and audio books. Your humble servant (It’s me) have missed the Padre’s performance but was informed by other people. They said: it was about the fact that ‘we all – from water and sand’.

Bad legs. The legend of the bad legs sends us to one of the evenings in the Kalambur bar, where not quite sober and very intrusive madam was responded to the next invitation to dance by a phrase, that could be included into a toolkit of any artist to get rid of an obsessive fangirl. He said to her, ‘I have sore legs’. The reply was understood at once and correctly.

Jaja / Eggs. With the approach of Ukrainian Easter, you should decorate and colour eggs. It is an extremely soothing process, and it always strengthens anyone who believes in God Resurrection. Easter breakfast always shows who chose a stronger egg. So, the egg tapping competition has become one of the final spectacular of the Lviv Month in Wroclaw.

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