It’s Friday, it means exactly one week from the launch of the Lviv Month in Wroclaw project. Unfortunately, after the first weekend warm and sunny spring has decamped from Wroclaw to Lviv. But, to tell the truth, it would be naive to expect that Lviv Month could do without ‘brand Lviv’ weather: I.e. drizzling all day and night long. Despite weather whims, the Lviv Street lived its joyful life, but under umbrellas. Children painted Yavoriv folk toys; adults tasted coffee and “only in Lviv” fried varenyky; and the Ukrainian Cross-Section exhibition was, as usual, crowded with visitors.  By the way, Virtual tour of the exhibitionis now at your disposal.

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Despite the weather, the second discussion within the CITIES’ DIALOGUE cycle, has gathered a lot of engaged people. Iryna Yaniv, an urban activist and culture manager from Lviv, Przemyslaw Filar, a representative of the Society for Beautification of Wrocław, under watchful moderation by Bartek Lis, a worker of the Wroclaw Contemporary Art Museum, discussed the prospects and possibilities of co-creation of a city by its citizens both in Wroclaw and Lviv. Are there examples of effective involvement of citizensto solve issues of urban space? How to solve conflicts between municipal authorities, residents and businesses? Is it possible to consolidate all citizens around a positive programme of action, or only outrage can force people to collaborate and to defense their living space? It should be stressed: after that conversation the Lviv situation of constant clashes between activists and government or business does not look so hopeless, but just the opposite. It turns out, that the numerous conflicts have compelled Lviv citizens to make several steps towards progress and building social dialogue in the city. The principal thing is to continue that movement on and to look for mutually beneficial cooperation.

That day the New Horizons Art House Cinema presented the film Ukraine, Goodbye!, no less problematic than the discussion. At one time the film has caused a lot of awkward questions even in Ukrainian society. But it's really pleasant, that in Wroclaw Ukrainian cinema programme enjoys a stable popularity.

This day evening music programme  was very ‘wroclaw’-like. The Karbido Wroclaw band and Yuri Andrukhovych celebrated a decade of their collaboration. The Lviv Club was crowded, and it was loudly, friendly, warmly andartistically. Till the late night Market Square was filled with a light echo of Ukrainian folk songs, performed by the Wrocław band and Ukrainian clique.


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