The third April Sunday has passed under the ‘Izdryk’s sign’. His lecture and the DRUMTYATR literature - music joint Izdryk-Semenchuk project thematically complemented the literary meeting held on Saturday.

Sunday morning, as usual, has passed under the ‘children’s sign’: Marta Shvets, a known Ukrainian theatre expert and photographer, has given the master class on motanka dolls, also known as knot dolls. And later on, in Wroclaw Market Square nearby Lviv Street, the inflammatory members of the DagaDana band  in co- with a crowd of  children has arranged so grand ‘haivky’ (Ukrainian folk spring welcoming songs and walk-around dances),  that spring hasn’t no other chance but to come.

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Then, the cultural programme for adults has started  its session: first, Juri Izdryk  delivered  the lecture on neurophysiology of creativity and brain chemistry, which has gathered a full house of  interested in the subject listeners. And later on, at 8:00 pm, the Lviv Club audience was involved in a dance whirl of the DRUMTYATR (already cult in Ukraineand from now known in Wroclaw) literary- music project. The ‘declamation electro punk’ - just that genre definition was invented by the grateful audience (namely by Maryan Pyrizhok, the HYCZ Orkestr leader) due to the Sunday's concert. So, 'render unto caesar‘, but our gratefulness to DRUMTYATR for Sunday catharsis.









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