As accustomed, Saturday night in Wroclaw is the longest in the week, and the city centre does not fall  asleep until  the first morning bells of the St Nicholas church. The  Lviv Club has also experienced a long and good evening, featuring  the literary meeting  with Juri Izdryk, the Dagadana band concert, and attracting as numerous audience as possible.

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On Saturday,  the morning programme for children was dedicated to PLASTICINE MONSTERS. Monika Kuczyniecka, a known Polish animation artist, has attracted a crowd of kids to make different plasticine creatures, and all present were involved  in an extremely catching entertainment.

A successive event within the literary programme was started at 6:00 pm, i.e. the presentation of the SUMMA joint project by Juri Izdryk and Evgeniya Nesterovych,  which was very aptly and ironically  moderated by Marcin Gaczkowski. Initially, the moderator questioned Izdryk, following classical literary  meeting  style, over his oeuvre;  the rest of time was devoted to a new project, currently implemented in the forthcoming published book,  and in the future it may be realised in other multimedia genres. There also have been many audience questions. Some of the responses Juri Izdryk  will include in his lecture to be held  on Sunday.

Then the Lviv Club was quickly filling up to become a full to overflowing ..No wonder, the DagaDana band is already well- known in Wroclaw and generally in Poland. The programme, presented this time by the musicians was really full of natural beauty, clear spring melancholy and simultaneously light joyfulness. Flowers, sun and verdure were pouring into the room and found the emotional response of the audience.



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