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So, the  15th of April became the LM equator, though the weather was far to resemble a warm and sunny spring. But it was not for the first time, when  the day was saved due to kids’ joy and skilled Ukrainian artisans: during the workshops Olena Kostyuk, a known Lviv singer, actress, artist and kids hunted secret treasures. A late cold and rainy afternoon was warmed with the thoughtful debates and the chili concert by the ShockolaD ethno-jazz band.

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At 6:00 pm the CITIES’ DIALOGUE programme presented its third consecutive Open City Behind High Walls discussion, with the participation of Vira Baldyniuk, a known Ukrainian journalist, literature researcher and critic, editor in chief of the Korydor webzine, and Pawel Kubicki, a reputed Polish urban sociologist and anthropologist. Moderator: Piotr Jakub Fereński. The discussion was on the external brands of the cities of Lviv, Wroclaw, Krakow and Kyiv; how do they affect the life of their citizens, and what is their influence on the cities’ development. Pawel Kubicki provided a lot of cognitive and useful statistics relating to Poland; and Vira Baldyniuk was more focused on the feelings of townspeople, their attitude and perception of an urban space at the household level, as well as on the urban cultural practices in Kyiv, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities.

Later on, the Lviv Club was overcrowded: the ShockolaD band in collaboration with Ewa Novel, a well-known singer and actress have attracted so numerous audience, that  no room for dances left (although, for many present it was not an obstacle!). The inflammatory vocalist has fired up the audience in a few minutes. So, the melancholy provoked by a rainy day has left the club forever. Both Polish ballads and Ukrainian folk songs in jazz arrangements were sang and danced along with the musicians (hot dances were noticed even in a sitting position).

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