lwow po polsku


Presentation of a series LVIV PO POLSKU / Lviv in Polish books by Ksenia Borodin and Ivanna Honak

Sunday / 24.04.2016 / 6.00 p.m

LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / Klub Proza, Przejscie Garncarskie 2

Admission is free

A series of Lviv Po Polsku consists of six books - six unique guides representing pre-war inscriptions in Polish language; they still exist in the cultural space of the city of Lviv. A series is featured by the possibility to avoid usual tourist routes, landmarks, excursions and to explore different districts of the city. Their focus is on those buildings, institutions, objects, memorials preserving Polish inscriptions, which are currently also fulfilling their pre-war functions and are free to visit them. The texts are illustrated by numerous photographs, demonstrating the current condition of Polish-language inscriptions in Lviv. The authors of the Lviv Po Polsku series are Ksenia Borodin (Ph.D. in Philology, her researches include Slavic studies and Lviv studies) and Ivanna Honak (Master’s degree in tourism management; a tour guide in Lviv).



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