Experiments with sound, audio and video music performances.


Sunday / 28.04.2016 / 20:00 / LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / 2 Przejście Garncarskie, Wrocław

Enter is free

20:00 Presentation of the Lviv international contemporary music festivals: KONTRASTY / Contrasts / TETRAMATYKA / VOX ELECTRONICA / and the COURSE, international new music master classes in Ukraine.

контрастиThe KONTRASTY / Contrasts Contemporary Music International Festival since its establishment in 1995 is recognized to be the one of the most significant events in the musical life of Ukraine, influencing the formation of a new generation of Ukrainian composers and musicians. Organizer: the Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society.

Tetramatyka_logoTETRAMATYKA is the international multimedia biennale involved in audiovisual and interactive art. Founded in 2013 by the NURT art association. It was participated by many world known artists interested in IT technologies to be applied in art.


vox_electronica_logo_new2The annual VOX ELECTRONICA electro-acoustic music festival is represented by concerts (different waves of modern academic electro-acoustic music), multimedia installations and open lectures, master-classes and mini-conferences, devoted to the problems of electro-acoustic music development and promotionкурси

(founded in 2012), are the first annual international master classes for young composers in Ukraine. They are intended to stimulate creative activity within the community of Ukrainian musicians, as well as to help young composers to establish new creative contacts with their colleagues from other countries. The COURSE project has become one of the leading master classes of new music in Eastern Europe.

21:00 Ensemble Nostri Temporis: Concert


Arina Shapochkina (flute)

Maksym Kolomiiets (odoe)

Viktor Ivanov (violin)

Olga Zhukova (cello)

Sergiy Loginov (horn in F)

Oleksii Shmurak (piano)

Bohdan Sehin (artistic director)



Maksym Kolomiiets

Speckle for flute, horn in F, violin, piano and video (2012)

(video - Lyubov Morozova)

Dmitri Kourliandski

[ob]version for oboe and piano (2005)

Dariusz Przybylski

Berceuse for violin and piano (2004)

Schymon Vosecek

Миші for flute, oboe, horn in F, violin, cello, piano and video (2012)

(video - Schymon Vosecek)

Caspar Johannes Walter

Obertonrondo for oboe and violin (2013)

Katarzyna Szwed

ālaya - vijñāna for violin, cello, piano and video (2011)

(video - Mathijs van Oosterhout)

Bohdan Sehin

Взаємодія форм for flute, oboe, horn in F, violin, cello and video (2011)

(video - Marianna Lysko)

Oleksii Shmurak

TV for synthesizer, brass, strings and audio recording (2011)

The Ensemble Nostri Temporis was founded in 2007 in Kyiv by the composers and musicians Makasym Kolomiiets and Oleksii Shmurak. The Nostri Temporis were the first to present the Kyiv audience ‘anthologies’ of avant-garde and modern music. They are still promoting music by the brightest contemporary composers of different generations. Since 2010, the ENT is headed by Bohdan Sehin, a known Ukrainian composer and music manager. The ensemble has participated in the master classes Ensemble Akademie (Freiburg) and in the International Summer Courses for New Music 2010 Darmstadt, and it was enlisted into7 top bands to participate in the project ENSEMBLE 2010.The ENT is closely working with contemporary composers, the aim is to open new names.

The musicians are open for interdisciplinary projects. In 2011 they recorded their music for the CD based on the poems by Czeslaw Milosz, and have collaborated with the Ukrainian well-known writers Yuri Andrukhovych, Juri Izdryk, Serhiy Zhadan and Ksenia Marchenko (designer)

Bohdan Sehin, composer and project coordinator. Graduated from the Lviv National Music Academy. Two-time participant (2003, 2006) of the Gaude Polonia Scholarship programme by Ministry of Culture and National Treasure of Polish Republic; a scholarship recipient of the Warsaw Autumn Friends Foundation (2003); the Gulliver Connect (2008), and the Ukrainian Presidential (2008-2010) grant recipient. Member of the Ukrainian National Composers Union with broad experience in festival management, including the Lviv Kontrasty / Contrasts Festival (1998-2006), the Kyiv Music Fest (2009), and the International Music of Youth Forum (2009, 2011). Featuring symphonic, choral, and chamber works, as well as music for theatre performances, Sehin’s works have been performed in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, France, Switzerland and Germany. Since 2009, he has been collaborating with the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Goethe-Institute and the Austrian Cultural Forum. In 2009 became the art director of the Ensemble Nostri Temporis. Since 2011 – art director the COURSE, international new music master classes in Ukraine.

22:00 MEMORY Audiovisual Performance / Ostap Manulyak (music) / Mykhailo Barabash (visualization)

Ostap Manulyak, a known Ukrainian composer, author of sound and audiovisual performances. Graduated from the Lviv State Music Academy. Two-time participant of the Gaude Polonia scholarship programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Treasure of Polish Republic. In 2010 received the Levko Revutsky’s national award for compositions “Music for Second Chapter of Gospel of Luke” and “Oremus Fratres”. Since 2007 – member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. Ostap Manulyak is a co-founder of the NURT Art Association. Director of the annual VOX ELECTRONICA electro-acoustic music festival and coordinator of the ConstantY contemporary music ensemble. Teachers at the Lviv State Music Academy. Involved in chamber and electro-acoustic music. Deals with the issues of interaction between an image, sound and action.

Mykhailo Barabash, a known Ukrainian artist. Involved in painting, installation, performance, land-art, photography. Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts (department of monumental painting). Co-organizer and active participant of the KOMA Art Formation. Member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine. Participant of the Gaude Polonia scholarship programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Treasure of Polish Republic. Co-founder and member of the NURT Art Formation. Since 1998 has been taking part in the numerous national and international exhibitions, festivals. Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.

22:30 Ars electroacoustica Project

Yuriy Bulka – clarinet, electronics
Ostap Manulyak – electronics
Ostap Manko – violin
Mykola Khshanovsky – percussion, electronics

Throughout the 20th century there was always very close collaboration between Lviv poets, musicians and painters. Initially this collaboration have been expressed only by the joint participation in the creative groups (Moloda muza, ANUM, ARTES). Later it turned into a search for synthetic arts where sound and visual space are inextricably linked. When Eugene Slabchenko works on experimental audiovisual compositions in Paris, idea of musical experiments with graphics slowly grow in Lviv and after II WW was highlighted in the graphical scores by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati.

The Ars electroacoustic project is an attempt to find a new look at more than centenary tradition of interaction between visual and audio spheres in the Lviv cultural environment. It’s also a try to convert a static graphic full score into a dynamic audiovisual composition.

23:00 Manu - Minimal Connections


Minimal Connections is an electronic and acoustic understanding of the concepts of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Nik Bartsch and other minimalists of the present day. It’s a new interpretation of the music and rhythm concepts.

Manu is an experimental/electronic/ambient project of a musician and sound designer, Michael Balog. As a freelancer he creates original music and sound for independent film and documentary, live dance and theater performances, art installations.

00:00 Myroslav Trofymuk aka EKTRONER / Live electronic set

Мирослав Трофимук_автор фото-Андріян ВеремієнкоMyroslav Trofymuk – Junior aka EKTRONER, Master of Classical Philology, photographer, designer, musician, writer, translator. Founder of the Pup Zemli/The Hub Of The Universe creative group and the HATNYEHRANNYA music & social project. Engaged in making music since 2004. He has two basic areas of interest, i.e. combining audio poetry with music accompaniment, that is sometimes close to hip-hop; and the second area is the experimental electronic music. He involves computer programs and analog sound sources. The important component in his musical compositions is experimenting with ambient sounds and human voices. In 2013, he debuted with the ZONA project, based on dark ambient and Oksana Zabuzhko’s texts. In 2014, within the HATNYEHRANNYA project and in co-with the artist Yulia Bugaeva, he initiated the City’s Districts Lviv project, a music&visual presentation of the city. In 2015, Myroslav organized the first international forum of independent initiatives HATNYEHRANNYA. KITCHEN for the exchange of experience between European (including Polish and Ukrainian) grassroots initiatives.

хатнєгранняXATHEГPAHHR - a musical project, musical social initiative, independent label and catalog of key aspects of the new Ukrainian music. The number of participants of musical projects changes depending of the projects itself. Musical performances almost always are the live improvisation or conceptual projects at the intersection of new technologies, music, visual art and text. As musical and social initiative the project promotes new Ukrainian music, with an emphasis on electronic sound and grassroots. We also organize some workshops. Label HOMEPLAYING has released 2 physical and dozens of digital releases. On the official web page of the project is a catalogue of key aspects of new Ukrainian music: musicians, bands, projects, ensembles, locations, publications, grassroots initiatives, labels and a time line of Ukrainian festivals. In june 2015 the project HOMEPLAYING organized the "First International Forum of Independent initiatives HOMEPLAYING:KITCHEN", where met initiatives from Poland and Ukraine.


01:00 Noumen: IDM/Experimental Electronic

Noumen - Сrystallization

Noumen is a music project by composer and performer Andriy Vezdenko a.k.a. Andrew Noumen, from Lviv, Ukraine. Artist works in relative genre fields of IDM / Experimental Electronic.

Noumen music incarnates by itself a dialectic transcendence of an ever-flowing form metamorphosis in its chimerical, eternal rhythmic circle dance, an enigmatic Delphic Mystery, swaying and spinning to the everlasting and ever-abideth rhythmo-tone of the Cosmos.

Noumen art originates and crafting from the late 90’s. Since 2010's Noumen releases his music in UK (Section 27, Touched compilations, among such legendary artists as Autechre, Arovane, 808 State, LFO, B12, Future Sound of London, Plaid, µ-Ziq, Orbital, Richard Devine). Remixing and remixed by some of such. Performs. Noumen tracks played by the world’s best underground DJs, strikes on radio shows.

At the close time in England coming Noumen vinyl EP and a full length Magnum Opus on CD, which will include work of over a decade.



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