The LVIV ANTYKABARET event is organized by the AntyKabaret Dobry Wieczór we Wrocławiu / AntiCabaret Good Evening in Wroclaw cultural community. Its members are not only successfully disseminating the achievements of culture, but they also know how to capture the viewers and listeners. Their source of vitality is a kind of balance between intellect and emotions, reflections and a joke, accompanied by relevant monologues, mini-lectures, songs, sketch shows, pantomime scenes, literary competitions.

Monday / 11.04.2016 / 19.00

Stary Klasztor Music Club / 1 Purkyniego St, Wrocław

Tickets: PLN 25/ticket doesn’t guarantee a seat; PLN 35/a guaranteed seat

Ticketsare available at the Stary Klasztor Music Club  and the Empik, Saturn and Media Markt chain stores throughout Poland, and online: www.biletin.plwww.ticketpro.plwww.ebilet.pl, www.eventim.pl, www.biletyna.pl

Booking: bilety@o2.pl

The advantage of all events organized by the AntyKabaret isa mutual flow of energy. Viewers are at arm's length and they are actively involved in the action. That’s why just from the start we have rejected all sorts of theatre halls. The division between a stage and the auditorium, separated by a ramp, results in the separation between those who came to show something, and those who make pretentious position, ‘Well, now show us something’.  And it would kill the spirit of our meetings. So we are looking for a space primarily in clubs, pubs, restaurants.Thus, the division between a stage and the audience is eliminated. Both are partners and collaborators. The atmosphere is of great importance  - even if we present one and the same programme but in different spaces, each of them differs considerably. We would like our meetings to resemble a living room of your favorite aunt, where you can meet the most important, most interesting cultural figures of Wroclaw.Here, one after another, appear with their various ‘performances’ journalists, actors, artists, musicians, teachers, scientists and all socially gifted people. We could hardly call Professors Jan Miodk and Bogusław Pawłowski, Doctor Bogusław Bednark or Rector of the Medical University Professor Mark Ziętk to be the cabaret actors.  However, exactlytheir performances are more frequently awarded  by abundant applauses

What is in common between the AntyKabaret and the event Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016? In fact, a lot of things. Culture is not just a picture in a museum, a concert at the National Forum of Music or a performance in the theater. Culture, according to the simplest definition, is always in opposition to nature. Thus, all created by the mankind, is culture. One of the expressions of culture is the way to spend free time. We like to spend it with our audience, getting pleasure from listening to music or monologues.

What is in common between the AntyKabaret and Lviv? We do not know yet. We are looking for relationships, and we believe that they do exist. The AntyKabarer is represented by the citizens of Wroclaw.  The city of Lviv is an object of their special sympathy. Actually, many  Leopolitans  were settled in Wroclaw after the World War II.  This spirit, though we do not feel it every day, is  still  alive. At one time, Roman Kolakowski, a known Wroclaw poet and bard (seeking the identity of those days Wroclaw) sang, ‘…and Lviv is now an oversea for me’. How much suchlike things are still alive in our minds and hearts? How far are we to find ourselves? What can reconcile us? Because contemporary Lviv is not only a Skansen, that remained in the memory of our ancestors.

The month of April 2016, when our city is the European Capital of Culture, we have dedicated to Lviv. This is a good opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to renew our memories in collaboration with current contemporary Lviv.

In addition to meetings with the representatives of art, culture and science, we also aim to integrate artistic mediums. Just from the beginning of its existence, and due to the aforementioned integration, the AntyKabaret is a kind of incubator to develop new ideas and art projects. The artists who have met through the AntyKabaret,  now are co-creating  new works and performances, CD records and scripts.

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