Workshops on painting traditional Lemko pysankas / Easter eggs

24.04. - 28.04 2016 / all day long in Lviv Street / admission is free; registration is not required

Lemkivshchyna region has gifted the world an extremely rich cultural heritage. Easter eggs – pysankas – are undoubtedly one of the most precious parts of it; quite impossible to find similar in any other region of Ukraine. No wonder, because lace ornaments on Lemko eggs appear due to a simple pin or a match (drop-pull technique); other regions use a stylus, known as a pysachok. A pin or nail inserted onto the end of a stick, or just a match, is dipped into hot beeswax. The hardened wax on an egg is like a petal.

The main element of the composition on Lemko pysankas is the sun.  They are quite uncommon due to colours used to decorate their mainly floral ornaments: red, cherry red, yellow, orange, green, light green, blue, light blue and white. Black colour on Lemko pysankas appears quite rarely.

Workshops are run by a known master Halyna Kit.

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