Lemko Bluegrass Band

The Lemko Bluegrass Band music is based on Ukrainian-American root and popular music. In a nutshell, this stormy multicultural mix can be called as lemko bluegrass, Carpathian swing or hutsul blues. Only live and acoustic performance.

31.03.2016 / Thursday / 20:00 

LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / Club Proza, Przejście Garncarskie 2 

Enter is free

The LBB musicians have already managed to approve themselves (confidently  and decidedly ) within the spaces  of "wild west" Ukraine and Poland.  They are also the members of very popular Lviv bands, including the Burdon, Ludy Dobri and Hycz Orkestr. Their favorite occupations are travels and concert tours all over Europe and the U.S. There, the musicians enrich their traditional West-Ukrainian inspirations with many ethnic influences, in order  to offer the audience quite  unusual interpretations of Carpathian music (and not only).

LBB cast: Rost Tatomyr (vocals, bouzouki, banjo, slide guitar), Markiyan Turkanyk (violin, vocals), Vsevolod Sadovyi (melodeon), Oleksandr Marusyak (trombone), Artem Kamenkov (double bass), Yaroslav Zhovnirovych (clarinet).

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