Hycz Orkestr

Together they are 'Delicately Playing Extravagant Music' for sun and happiness

1.04. 2016 / piątek / godz. 20.00

KLUBOKAWIARNIA LWOWSKA POD KLEPSYDRĄ / Klub Proza, Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław

Wstęp wolny

Hycz Orkestr:
Maryan Pyrizhok – vocal, guitar, harmonica
Pavlo Mygal' – guitar
Volodymyr Romaniv Floyd – bass
Pavlo Protsiv – violin
Markian Turkanyk – violin
Oleksandr Marusiak – trombone
Ostap Kostiuk – tube, brass
Vsevolod Sadovyj – drams

12767770_1032979850097308_1604051330_nHycz Orkestr are an Ukrainian band from Lviv, formed in 2011. The band consists of musicians of different age and different musical tastes. Together they are 'Delicately Playing Extravagant Music' using guitars, bass, drums, violins, cello, trumpets, trombone, flutes, bagpipes, jew's harps, ukulele. The band became well-known in Lviv after participating in 2012 at Get Up! With Hycz Orkestr (early Sunday morning concert-happening during `Flugery Lvova` festival).

Hycz Orkestr performed at number of festivals in Ukraine, Poland and Belarus: Culture Day of People of GDL, 2013 (Minsk, Belarus), Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress 2013 (Lublin, Poland), Noc Cultury 2012 (Lublin, Poland), major Ukrainian festivals Artpole, ZaxidFest, Kraina Mriy, Fort.Missia, Franko Fest and many others. It became a good tradition for Hycz to celebrate a band`s birthday during Fête de la Musique in Lviv on the 21 June.

Hycz Orkestr has recorded one and a half album: "Pivalboma" early 2013 (this CD was intended as a demo, but in the process of recording it eventually became half an album in direct and figurative sense), "Tsilyi" (The Full) late 2013.
Today Hycz Orkestr is actively writing, performing and recording new songs, dedicated to Ukrainian poet and outstanding figure Ivan Franko and his more than 100 years old poetic translations into Ukrainian of traditional folk songs, including Old Icelandic, Portuguese, Scottish, Italian, Serbian, Chinese and Ukrainian folk songs translated by Franko into German.

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