Chajtarma 2

Haytarma / Return

18 May 1944. By Stalin’s order thousands of Crimean Tatars are to be deported from their land. Crimean Tatar test pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union Amet-khan Sultan is a witness of his people’s tragedy.

Wednesday / 13.04.2016 / 20:00

New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego St

Admission is free

Ukraine, 2012, 90 min
Directed by Akhtem Seitablaiev
Screenplay by Mykola Rybalka
Dir. photography: Volodmyr Ivanov
Cast: Akhtem Seitablaiev, Oleksiy Horbunov, Usnie Khalilova, Dinara Avaz, Andriy Mostrenko, Andrey Saminin, Yuriy Tsurilo
Produced by Lenur Isliamov, Ivanna Diadiura
Production Studio ART
Awards: Kimera International Film Festival (Best Director and Best Feature prizes ); International Film Festival Korona Karpat (GrandPrix); Nika Award (Best Film of CIS and Baltic)

Haytarma (qaytarma in Crimean Tatar language) means ‘return’, and at the same time it’s a folk dance. The film plot dates back to 1944. The Red Army has liberated the Crimea from fascists. The Hero of the Soviet Union and test pilot Amet-khan Sultan goes on short furlough to his native town Alupka. Next day after his arrival, in the morning, by Stalin’s order starts the deportation operation of Crimean Tatars, as collaborators. NKVD drives out people from their homes. The NKVD officer tells Sultan that he, who has shot down over 30 German fighter planes and holds the title of Hero, is considered a traitor because of his nationality. The pilot tries to save his wife and family. The script is based on the history of Crimean Tatars, who were unjustly deported on the 18th of May 1944 from Crimea to Uzbekistan, and returned homeland only 45 years later.

Akhtem Seitablaiev was born in 1972in Uzbekistan. Ukrainian actor and filmmaker of the Crimean Tatar origin. In 1944 his family was deported and has returned to Crimea after the fall of the Soviet Union. He graduated from the Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television. He was an actor the State Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theatre in Simferopol. After the annexation of Crimea by Russia he moved to Kyiv He is a host of a military-patriotic talk show at the Public Television Network. Honored Artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

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