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Koss is an undisputed king of the shooting game Quake, and he dreams to become a world champion. The enormous amount of time he spends at the computer screen is destroying relationships with his mother and causing problems at the college.

Saturday / 02.04.2016 / 19:00

New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego St

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Ukraine, 2011, 92 min.

directed by Oleg Sentsov

screenplay by Oleg Sentsov

dir. photography: Egor Petryk, Evgenia Vradyi, Gennadi Veselkov

cast: Vladislav Zhuk, Aleksandr Fedotov, Zhanna Biriuk

producers: Oleg Sentsov, Olga Zhurzhenko

production: Cry Cinema with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency

awards: in 2012, the Gamer was awarded by many international film festivals. The film has participated in the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Go East International Film Festival  (Wiesbaden, Germany), Molodist International Film Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine), International Independent Film Festival KinoLev (Lviv, Ukraine), Minsk International Film Festival Listapad (Minsk, Belarus). It has won the award of the Guild of Film Critics at the Spirit of Fire Film Festival  in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia).

A guy nicknamed Koss lives in a small town, he is a perfect gamer. Koss misses classes, conflicts with his mother; he is admired by fans, trains a lot and wants to be the best. Finally, he goes to the World Cup and takes the second place there. Koss returns home as a hero…

Gamer is a debut feature film by Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years by the Russian military court for ‘terrorist attacks’ in Crimea. Oleg Sentsov’s case has caused the global campaign calling for filmmaker’s release, and it was joined by numerous world-famous film artists and directors,  including Agnieszka Holland, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Pedro Almodóvar. Ada Rogovtseva, the renowned Ukrainian actress, in her video appeal calls all people to facilitate the release ofan innocent man.

The Polish Film Academy announced an indefinite action in Sentsov’s support. The action was started during the Orly Awards gala.


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2011: Gamer, feature film

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