Chornobyl-Tour 2

Dmytro Antoniuk: Tourism in Chernobyl Zone

Chernobyl Zone – Tourist Mecca of Ukraine.

Tuesday / 25.04.2016 / 18.00

Lviv Club Under Klepsydra / Club Poczytanka, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St

Admission is free

The conversation will be on the nuances of tourist trips to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone; safety of travelling to it; possibility of the return to normal life in it; the life of self-settlers; how to travel for one or more days; problem of illegals and stalkers. The meeting will involve photo gallery depicting the most “attractive” places and objects, including the old and new sarcophagi, the titanic-size radar of the Cold War period and giant wels catfishes.

Dmytro Antoniuk, Ukrainian journalist, traveller. Freelance journalist. Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. Since 2003 – editor of the Kyiv Weekly bilingual (Ukrainian/English) newspaper, culture issues. 2005-2008-editor in chief of the 10 Days bilingual (English/German) magazine. Since 2008 – freelance journalist. He is collaborating with a number of Ukrainian (International Tourism, Young Bukovynets, Your Number, Kievskie Vedomosti, etc.) and foreign publications, including Kurier Galicyjski (Poland), Ukrainian Magazine(Czech Republic). Dmytro is also a known radio personality, 2003-2008 – hosted his RockTherapy show/Rock Radio. His interest in travelling and Ukrainian cultural heritage has resulted in a series of published travel guides, including315 Polish Castles and Residences in Ukraine. Part II (2012), 155 Polish Castles and Residences in Ukraine. Part I (2011), Ukraine. 101 Most Interesting Museums (2010), Ukraine. 101 Ancient Palaces and Parks (2010), Seven Tours. Poltava Region(2009), Fourteen Tours. Vinnytsya Region (2009), Four Tours. Zhytomyr Region (2008)

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