Workshop on painting Hutsul icons on glass / from 8 years old

Saturday, 23.04.2016 / 12.00, 15.00 / Registration is obligatory via lviv@wroclaw2016.pl

The crown of Ukrainian folk culture is an icon, with its blooming crosses, smiling Martyrs, Jesus Christ – child, St. Nicholas – father, almighty Pokrov, all-conquering George and all the Saints, flowered with roses, suns, bright colors.

A simple man with his naive and emotional belief in God – Good, Love, Life, inspired by the traditional church culture, had been creating for centuries vivid images on folk engravings and icons on boards, canvases, glass... People needed such icons, as they became visible holy witnesses of birth, marriage, death, they were listeners of innermost prayers and requests, they protected against evil, filled homeswith bright beauty of God's world.

The process of creating icons on glass differs significantly from the traditional way of painting icons on a board or canvas. An icon on glass is painted in reverse, and it’s impossible to correct or redraw something.

Ostap Lozynsky, a known Lviv artist, participant of numerous art projects and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Canada, USA, Croatia. Ostap is involved in study, revival and popularization of icons on glass for a quite long time, if only master classes take into consideration – he has given over 100 workshops not only in Europe but also overseas.



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