20 February 2014, Euromaidan in Kyiv. One of the protesters, a young student Sashko, catches a soldier of the Internal Troops of Ukraine. He, unarmed, convinces the recruit to lay down his arms, and takes him prisoner. A few months later, Sashko decides to track down the incident, but during his search he meets Ivan, a volunteer soldier. What secrets of the true causes for Berkut’s retreat will tell him Ivan? /Berkut is special police forces/

Saturday / 09.04.2016 / 19:00
New Horizons Art House Cinema, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego St.
Enter is free

Ukraine, 2016, 129 min
Directed by Volodymyr Tykhyy
Screenplay by Volodymyr Tykhyy
Camera operator: #BABYLON`13
Editor: #BABYLON`13,
Music by Anton Baibakov, Okean Elzy
Animation by Anatoliy Lavrenyshyn, Anastasia Tykha
Cast: Oleksandr Klochko, Ivan Bubenchyk
Produced by Volodymyr Tykhyy
Production: #BABYLON`13,
Awards: Work in Progress, Odessa Film Festival, 2015

The impetus for making the film became the meeting of the Heaven’s Hundred families – the families of those protesters who were killed during the Ukrainian Euromaidan events in 2013-2014. The film describes the Revolution of Dignity, but it also applies to all combatants, from both sides. The main characters of the plot and starring actors are Lviv citizens Sashko Klochko and Ivan Bubenchyk. While the most intense clashes Sashko has convinced a young soldier of pro-government forces to surrender. A few months later he was trying to find his opponent, and not for revenge or establishing justice. Just for purely humanistic considerations. On his way he has met Ivan, a volunteer soldier.
The film premiere took place on the 20th of February 2016, the second-year anniversary of the most tragic events at the Euromaidan.

Volodymyr Tykhyy, a well-known Ukrainian documentary and feature film director, producer, screenwriter. Graduated from the National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television. His career was started in the 90's, and his short films have won many awards at national and international film festivals. Worked at different private and state TV companies. His feature film debut is the Car Washer (2001). Participant and prize-winner of national and international film festivals in Romania, Germany, Slovak Republic. Currently, involved in #BABYLON`13, the mighty documentary project, dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity. One of the most famous Ukrainian filmmakers. Member of the Ukrainian Television Academy.

1996: Mermaid
2001: Car Washer
2003: A Merry Company
2007: My Little Daughter
2008: A Mysterious Island
2008: A Button
2009: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Shit!
2009: « F***ers. Arabesques»: In memory of Piter
2009: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Early morning
2010: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Sveta
2010: « F***ers. Arabesques»: Intro
2010: Ukraine. Goodbye!
2013: The Green Jacket.
2013: Babylon’13
2015: Our Nadia

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