AtmAsfera /UA/

In their very distinctive music which is both soothing and energizing they blend authentic melodies from all over the world with a modern orchestral sound.

Sunday / 01.05.2016 / 8 p.m.

LVIV CLUB / Klub Proza, Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław

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Yamuna – flute, vocals
Kalindi – keyboard, Indian harmonium, vocals
Janardana – bassguitar, backing vocals
Timur Gogitidze – percussion, drum set, darabuka
Sergiy Svirskiy – electric guitar, bouzouki
Denis Bilodid – acoustic guitar, dombra

The name of the band is a combination of two words: “Atma” which comes from the classical Sanskrit language and means “personality”, and “sfera” which refers to the internal world – the feelings and experiences that surround the person.

The sensational twins Yamuna and Kalindiare the heart of AtmAsfera. With their enchanting voices they carry the audience into magical worlds. Inspired, among others, by their father Yuriy Yaremchuk, a highly accomplished musician in the area of improvised and avant-garde music, they constantly explore new sounds and ideas. Super-dynamic percussionist Timur Gogitidze, a native Georgian, is a major driving force behind the band.

AtmAsfera uses an arsenal of more than 16 musical instruments. In addition to their main instruments like concert flute, keyboard, mandolin, guitar, bassguitar and drum set they use all kinds of percussion instruments, exotic flutes, violin, bouzouki, chimes, trembita, saxonette, xylophone and others.

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