AQURIUM IN THE SEA (2015) by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

The European premiere of the new documentary feature film by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko: Aquarium in the Sea. The Story of New York Group of Poets.

22.04.2016 / friday / 18:00

LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / 2 Przejście Garncarskie St.

Enter is free

In the mid-20th century, the Ukrainian cultural elite faced the dilemma choice, whether to immigrate, and thus to preserve national identity. Or to remain in the Soviet Union and to assimilate. The film is in tribute of the New York Group – an informal association of Ukrainian poets immigrated to New York in the 1950’s. The film is a rich mixture of poetry, photo & video chronicles, New York landscapes (videotaped by special ‘Fraze-Frazenko’ style) as well as funny and tragic stories, portraits of poets that have changed Ukrainian literature.

Cast: Yuriy Tarnawsky, Bohdan Boychuk, Bohdan Rubchak, Zhenya Vasylkivska, George Kolomyiets, Oleh Kowerko, Maria Rewakowicz, George G. Grabowicz, Vasyl Makhno, Andrii Drozda, Viktor Neborak, Leonid Hrabovsky, Vasyl Gabor, Titus Hewryk, Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko.

Directed by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

Screenplay by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

Cameraman: Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

Music by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

Producer: Vasyl Makhno

Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko (born in 1989, Lviv), Ukrainian film director, poet, translator, musician. Co-founder of the OFF Laboratory production studio. Known for his feature documentaries about Ukrainian artists. The most famous films: The House on the Seven Winds. Portrait of Vasyl Makhno (2015), Chubay(2014), an experimental musical Penetration (2014).His latest feature film is Aquarium in the Sea. The Story of New York Group of Poets (2016). Currently is working on his first full-length feature film and some documentaries. The author of seven poetry books; involved in European modernism. Translator of the poetry book by James Douglas Morrison, published in 2013, the first Ukrainian language translation. Translator of the poetry by English poets of the Restoration period, including John Wilmot Rochester, George Etheridge and others. One of the brightest representatives of Ukrainian free improvised music and indie rock (altosaxophone, clarinet, own-designed sopilka, percussion, string instruments). Has collaborated with many known musicians from Ukraine and abroad.

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