Polish premier of the poetry-musical performance by Ulyana Horbachevska.
Participants: Ulyana Horbachevska, Yuri Andrukhovych, Mark Tokar, Ryszard Latecki, Bart Pałyga, VJ group Cube

Sunday / 10.04.2016 / 20.00

LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / 2 Przejście Garncarskie St.

Enter is free

Ulyana Horbachevska – directing, vocals, costumes
Yuri Andrukhovych– vocals
Mark Tokar – vocals, double bass
Ryszard Latecki – trumpet, analogsynths, pseudo-instruments
Bart Pałyga – wind instruments, electric cello, vielle, vocals
Concept: Mateusz Sora
Video art: VJ group Cube, Volodymyr Oleschuk
Photo: Nina Andrukhovych

The project is devoted to Bohdan-Ihor Antonych, the well-known 20th-century Ukrainian poet. It is an attempt to picture Bohdan-Ihor Antonych’ s poetry world, a sort of musical eclecticism, the combination of Lemko folk songs, post-rock psychedelia, recitation of poetry, prose, rich scenography and video art. The project will also present specially prepared for the event translations of Antonych’s poems and the fragments of the Twelve Rings novel by Yuri Andrukhovych (the narration about the life ofthat prominent poet).

The three parts of the performance are three versions of the ANTONYCH AT HOME concept.
1) His childhood in the Lemko village of Nowica;
2) Lviv as a surreal metropolis;
3) Eternity and space home under the star
The project’s premiere took place on 20 February 2016 in Lviv.

Bohdan-Ihor Antonych (1909-1937) is one of the most “mysterious” Ukrainianpoets. Novelist, translator and literary critic. He lived only 28 years, but yet Antonych has a deep mystical impact on contemporary Ukrainian poetry. More detailed information here.

Yuri Andrukhovych is a world known Ukrainian prose writer, poet, essayist, and translator. For his literary writings and activity as a public intellectual, Andrukhovych has been awarded numerous national and international prizes, including the Herder Prize (2001), the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize (2005), the Leipzig Book Fair Prize for European Understanding (2006), the Angelus Prize (2006), the Hannah Arendt Prize (2014). He has recorded the Andruchoid album (in co with Mikołaj Trzaska) and four albums in co with the Wroclaw-based Karbido band. More detailed information here.

Ulyana Horbachevska, graduator of the Lviv Academy of Art. Restorer of icons and monumental paintings. Worked at the Maisternia Pisni / Song Workshop Lviv art centre as a singer, actress, artist. Since 2005 – cooperation with the Jerzy Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland). Since 2011 she has been working independently. Currently involved in the projects: SOLOSPIVY, BYLYNA, ULTRAMARINE, PSALMA, ANTONYCH AT HOME. More detailed information here.

Mark Tokar, the known bass player, the first Ukrainian musician who performed at the Chicago Jazz Festival. Refined instrumentalist. Mark is the leader of a number of music projects. He has performed with various bands at numerous festivals in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, USA, Austria, France, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Hungary, Georgia, Luxembourg, and the Czech Republic. Collaboration: Ken Vandermark, Bobby Few, Perry Robinson, Steve Swell, Michael Zerang, Tim Daisy, Dave Rempis, Roberta Piket, Fred Frith (USA), Klaus Kugel, Arkadij Shylkloper (Germany), Petras Vishniauskas (Lithuania), Mirchea Tiberian (Romania), Mazzol, Mikolaj Trzaska, Waclaw Zimpel, Piotr Baron, Kazimierz Jonkisz (Poland) and many others. 2005-2006, art director of the Jazz Bez International Festival and is a series of Metro Jazz concerts. More detailed information here.

Ryszard Latecki, the well-known Polish multi-instrumentalist. Inventor of the latara, a half-fretted guitar. Founder of a number of music projects, member of the Kawalerowie Błotni (The Mud Cavaliers band). Particularly active on the alternative scene. He has developed music installations and performances, and a new concept for creating music – Reverse Music (Muzyka Rewersyjna). His projects have brought together representatives of contemporary music, early music, ethnic music, jazz, live electronics, world music, and traditional Polish music. Ryszard Latecki provides live accompaniment to silent movies, runs a programme of workshops called Dźwiękowa Przestrzeń Niewerbalna (Non-verbal Sound Space), a concert programme called Partytury Fotograficzne (Photographic Scores), and actively works in Wytwórna Błękitu located in Podziemia Kamedulskie in Warsaw's Bielany district. More detailed information here.

Bart Pałyga, cellist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser. Specializes in playing several ethnic, mostly stringed, instruments, from all over the world. He is a precursor of aliquot (throat) singing in modern, folk and pop music. The member of such bands as: Masala, Village Kollektiv, Arcus Poloniae, Yerba Mater, Maria Pomianowska Band. Touring with these bands, he has visited almost every continent (Ollincan Festival in Mexico, Fusion Festival in Germany, La Folle Journée in France, Mostar World Music Festival in Moldova, Open’er Festival and Woodstock-Stop Festival in Poland. He also performed in China, during the celebration of the Chopin Year in China. Collaboration: Michał Rudas, Mosaic, Etnofonie Kurpiowskie. He has recorded film and theatre music with Krzesimir Dębski and Antoni Łazarkiewicz.

Mateusz Sora, the known in Poland political and cultural figure. The initiator of the ANTONYCH AT HOME project. Member of the Nowica Friend Association. Nowica is a village in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, southern Poland. The birthplace of Ihor-Bohdan Antonych. The village is famous for its rich cultural life.

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