ANDRIY BONDAR. Polish-Ukrainian Translation Study

Within the Lviv Month event in Wroclaw: meeting with famous Ukrainian writer and translator Andriy Bondar relating to Ukrainian translations of Polish literature. Moderator: Jadwiga Skowron

Friday / 29.04.2016 / 6.00 pm

LVIV CLUB UNDER KPEPSYDRA / Club Poczytanka, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wroclaw

Admission is free

Andriy Bondar (born in 1974) is a well-known Ukrainian columnist and critic, poet, essayist and translator. Winner of the Smoloskyp Publishing House Prize, the most notable literary contest for young writers (1997). Member of the Literaturexpress Europe pan-European project (2000) and the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam (2005). Author of four poetry books, the13 Christmas Stories prose book (2014) and the Carrot Ice collection of essays (2012).

His poems are translated into English, German, French, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Czech. Translated numerous works by European writers, including Mariusz Schigel, Ed Stafford, Witold Gombrowicz, Bohdan Zadura and many others. Lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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