AGRAFKA ART STUDIO. The War That Has Changed Rondo

Within the Lviv Month event in Wroclaw: meeting with Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv, Agrafka Art Studio. Moderator Anna Ursulenko.

Thursday / 21.04.2016 / 6.00 pm

LVIV CLUB UNDER KPEPSYDRA / Club Poczytanka, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wroclaw

Enter is free.

The Agrafka Art Studio is represented by Romana Romanyshyn & Andriy Lesiv, young Lviv artists, illustrators and book designers. They are recognised to be one of the most advanced Ukrainian book designers, especially of the books for children. Agrafka’s projects are the winners of numerous national and international competitions and festivals in Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, Italy.

Their latest book The War That Has Changed Rondo was awarded the LitAksent of the Year 2015 prestigious Ukrainian prize in the category ‘Prose and Poetry for Children’.

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