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Saturday / 09.30.2016 / 22:00

LVIV CLUB UNDER KLEPSYDRA / Club Proza, 2 Przejście Garncarskie St, Wroclaw

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Kvitnu - Ukvkrainian label run by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra).
Started in 2006 with releases of Ukrainian artists but very fast label turned into International format with releases of artists from Portugal and Italy.
Today Kvitnu is a label for such artists as Pan Sonic, Zavoloka, Matter, Kotra, Sturqen, Plaster, Vitor Joaquim, VNDL, V4w.enko, Kaeba, Dunaewsky69, Asolaar and Binmatu.
Along with regular label activity, Kvitnu also acts as an organizing structure by making regular live-events, special live projects and International festivals. The brightest examples of our producing activity are international Kvitnu Fest and Detali Zvuku festival. Among many other artists invited by Kvitnu to Ukraine are Scorn, Pan Sonic, Institut Für Feinmotorik, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Pole, Pomassl, Extrawelt and many others..
Mostly all Kvitnu releases are designed by Zavoloka.
Kvitnu could be translated as blossoming.

Some label highlights:
- Two Kvitnu releases were nominated at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris - “Termination Voice” by Dunaewsky69 and “Filament” by Vitor Joaquim.
- French zine SWQW put “Biorhexistasy” LP by Matter on 3rd place of their 2013 TOP-10 in Musiques Electroniques section.
- Kvitnu became a winner in three nominations of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris - as The Best label, The Best Artist (Sturqen) and Discovery Category (Peste by Sturqen). Also v4w.enko was nominated in Discovery category with his work “Harmonic Ratio”.
- Sturqen “Praga” CD appeared on the list of the best Portuguese albums of 2011 on A Trompa, Trompalista 2011.
- Three Kvitnu releases appeared in electronic TOP10 of 2011 by French zine Indie Rock Mag - in best albums: Plaster “Platforms” and Zavoloka “Vedana”. In Best EP’s – Zavoloka “Svitlo”.
- UK zine and radio DARKFLOOR put STURQEN’s “PRAGA” in the list of favorites of year 2011
- “Filament” by Vitor Joaquim reached the 9th place among Top ambient albums of 2011 by french e-zine Indie Rock Mag
- German e-zine Tokafi announced Zavoloka’s “Viter” as album of the month.
- Cover artwork of Critikal “Graphorrhea” won the 3rd prise in a big competition for design in advertising KAKADU Awards 2008

Zavoloka is a stage namZavoloka_by_Dmytro_Miniayloe of Kateryna Zavoloka - sound artist, experimental electronic music composer, performer, improviser and graphic designer from Kyiv city, Ukraine. Zavoloka mainly explores digital and analogue synthesis and combines them wit
h recorded herself Ukrainian ancient folk songs and different instruments. Her music consists of intensive varied sound motions and unexpected combinations piped into carefully controlled electronic flows. Zavoloka collaborates with artists like: Kotra (UA), AGF (DE), Mark Clifford of Seefeel band (UK), supported as special guest Aphex Twin's (UK) audiovisual show, frequently works and playing live with Laetitia Morais (PT) visual artist and has took part in many different cross-genre art projects and audio compilations. Zavoloka also is a graphic designer for Ukrainian experimental music label Kvitnu, that in 2011 was awarded in three nominations at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 07. In 2005 Zavoloka was awarded as Honorary Mention in Digital Music & Sound Art with Prix Ars Electronica for "Plavyna" album. In the June 2007 issue of The Wire magazine there was an article detailing Zavoloka's music. In 2008 Zavoloka Kateryna has received Gaude Polonia grant, program of the Ministry of Culture of Poland. Zavoloka performs concerts regularly and her music has been presented in various concert halls, clubs, contemporary museums, theaters and open-air around the world. She has been played at many different international music festivals, like: Presences Electronique (FR), Club Transmediale (DE), MadeiraDig (PT), Unsound New York (USA), Kvitnu Fest (UA), Detali Zvuku (UA), Being the Future (DE), Les Urbaines (CH), Garage (DE), Unsound (PL), Femmes (BE), Cimatics (BE), Interferenze (IT), Radius (AU), La Nuit Blue (FR), EME07 (PT), AudioVisiva (IT), Stimul (CZ), Skanu Mežs (LV) and many others.

Isolat Pattern is the solo project of Benjamin Harris (b.1977), a producer and sound designer based in Berlin. Inspired by the compositions of Philip Jeck, MILLE PLATEAUX's 'Clicks & Cuts' series, and the sterile futurescapes of Romain Slocombe and J.G. Ballard, Isolat Pattern explores the alignment of abstract digital patterns. Combining extreme frequencies, polar drones, and digital clicks, his music is a distillation of his unique vision for electronic music. The utilization of granular  synthesis and micro sampling create complex rhythms and atmospheres that tense and relax; purity and static. This is wholly modern, white- tiled dance music.

Kotra is a moniker and main art project of Ukrainian sound-artist and promoter Dmytro Fedorenko from Kyiv, Ukraine. Many years Kotra explores his own and audiences perception limits, how music can affect body and mind at the most extreme points. Main idea behind all Kotra releases and live concerts is a way of Kotra (photo by Elena Tymchenko) 02radical transformation through the sound, as one of the most powerful abstract tools of communication. Pushing extremely loud waves to audience Kotra offers another look into irritating and disturbing physical face of music, next to it’s aesthetics side.

Besides extreme solo works Kotra explores sound in miscellaneous musical and audio-visual collaborations with such artists as Zavoloka, Abs6, Black Rain, Jeff Surak, Moljebka Pvlse, Akuvido, Tenpoint, Marek Choloniewski, Jonas Grushka, Kim Cascone, Andrey Kiritchenko, Dunaewsky69, Andreas Berthling and many other artists.

Since 1998 Kotra presents his radical ideas on many International festivals in Europe, USA and Asia.

Dmytro Fedorenko also runs his label Kvitnu, curates International art projects, produces concerts and festivals Kvitnu Fest and Detali Zvuku, reads lectures and makes master classes, participates in many projects as independent consultant. More information about Dmytro Deforenko and his other projects and activities can be found here:

Kotra (Dmytro FedorKotra (photo by Elena Tymchenko) 01enko) is one of well known persons of Ukrainian experimental music scene today. Hyperactive musician and producer, experienced promoter and curator of numerous projects, International festivals and record labels. Creator of numerous highly acclaimed art projects and special events.

During 1980′s spent much time at music school during classic guitar classes. From 1994 to 2001 studied mathematics at National University and in late 90′s participated in workshops at Soros Center For Contemporary arts (Video art workshop, Interactive Media, Internet&Art, …). In 2008 and 2012 – two six month residences in Krakow Music Academy at Studio of Electroacoustic Music (Gaude Polonia).

On art scene Dmytro is active since early 90′s with early experiments in live music and miscellaneous collaborations with visual artists. Between 1998 and 1999 made first electronic events in small clubs of Kyiv. In 1998 created his main art project Kotra. Since 2003 started regular series of live events and opened many great International artists for Ukrainian audience. In 2005 Dmytro created International experimental music festival Detali Zvuku and then in 2007 added one more – Kvitnu Fest. From 2002 till 2007 worked as co-producer and live events curator at Nexsound. Also produced two of his early labels Stan and Live Reports. In 2006 finally created his major beauty label Kvitnu, where already more than 30 releases saw the light.

Since 2006 Dmytro Fedorenko curated few special International projects in partnership with such International organizations as Polish Institute, Pro Helvetia, Swedish Institute and Goethe Institute.

In 2011 Dmytro received award for Label of the Year (Kvitnu) at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris, France.

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